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 Short Story -- The Blood Fever

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How often do you suffer from the Blood Fever
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Often during times of Peace
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Often if I don't make regular hits
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Often when someone takes an occ I planned
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During extended sim time
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Only when attacked
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Only when attacked and I cannot respond
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PostSubject: Short Story -- The Blood Fever   Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:30 am

The Blood Fever

by Daniel Essek (dessek)

AlphaKnight was always good. So good he would help anyone. From his early days, he worked very hard at building his bases. Almost to the exclusion of all else.

It's not that he was adverse to building fleet, it just wasn't important. As long as he had enough fleet to defend his bases, he was happy. He built his technologies, too. He has mighty laser and armor. His defenses are second to none in efficiency.

Knowing the value of a good economy with high capacities, he has targeted his research towards Cybernetics and Energy. His fleet was no slouch, but, with no real enemies with the bravado to attack [GB] Great Britain, he felt he was safe.

He spent all his time building his bases and fleet. He grew up into a powerhouse of fleet and defense. His guild was glad to have such an active participant. He caught the eye, and impressed, King Commonwealth, the Guildmaster of [GB].

That was, until he decided to attack base chaos hydra. This United Colonies base was fed to AlphaKnight as an easy hit. AlphaKnight resisted the idea at first, but then dessek finally was able to talk him into it.

Having made the hit, AlphaKnight experienced the thrill of the kill. He grew infatuated with the idea of making more hits. He looked forward to the next one. But how to do it?

He sought the advice of his Guildmates. Tidus, Crow, dessek, and others all told him the same thing. He had to scout for targets. Only by scouting will he be able to find good quality targets.

AlphaKnight then feverishly scouted. All his waking hours were spent in the Control Room, looking at the scanners, reviewing the recon reports, and going over the hits. Using the Long Range Sensors, he finally found his next target.

His next hit was on an empty astro. [IS-GL] RaID_Paurien696 was using a corvette as a scout, and AlphaKnight found it in his sights. Something came over him. Some kind of insanity drove him to go to that corvette and hit the Fire button. Before he knew it, the Corvette was gone.

[GL] Galactic Loonies is an ally of [GB]. No one really knows why AlphaKnight attacked this training guild [IS-GL] ship, but all agree, it might be the blood fever. No one wants to admit that.

Everyone suffers from the blood fever at one time or another. Usually it is after a prolonged period of peace. The lack of hits makes one's blood boil. Nothing else matters. Must find something to hit. Finally, it gets to the point, any target is a good one.

The first hit usually wakes up something in the brain. Most people are disciplined enough to resist the feeling at first. Others, take the excitement of the attack, and become addicted to it. This is the blood fever first waking up. Sometimes it takes one over, like it did to Borf.

Borf's first hit was as soon as he hit level 10. Then he went mad. The blood fever finally subsided after about 6 months of making sure Borf was not fed. The Galactic Guard, Mercenaries, and Allies were called in to deal with Borf. He was uncontrollable.

King Commonwealth locked up Borf's fleet after several attacks on allies. By the end, Central Command was a royal mess. Computer terminals smashed, holes in the walls, sensors and scanners all pulled out of their consoles. Some say, Borf never really fully recovered.

For nine months, Central Command was deaf, blind, and dumb. No hits could be found, even if they could be made.

This inactivity wore on the entire guild. Even King Commonwealth had succumbed, somewhat, to the blood fever. World Ending Moves were about to be made, but the King, with his British resolve, and stiff upper lip constitution, prevailed. Thusly, the world ending moves were avoided and the universe was kept safe.

After counseling with AlphaKnight, it was no longer avoidable. He had succumbed to the Blood Fever. Obsessing over the next hit, he ran from the scanners to the sensors, feverishly looking for a target. Finally, Cherub had to sit him down.

Crow, the War Overseer, told AlphaKnight we were at peace. "The next war will begin soon," he says, "I need you in top form when it happens." He then told AlphaKnight he was not going to be allowed to make another attack until he is over the Blood Fever. Disappointed, but relatively sane, AlphaKnight reluctantly agreed.

A couple of hours later, the full force of the Blood Fever hit him. Running around Central Command, he wanted a target. He obsessed about it. He was excited for it. His excitement was very obvious in his pants, which turned on WickedGyrl and Hudson.

Both of them made passes at AlphaKnight, and there it was. Proof of the power of the Blood Fever. He was not interested in sex, just the next hit. If there was ever a test of power, an attack to be better than sex is it.

AlphaKnight went around Central Command, threatening to derb Crow's fleet, Borf's fleet and anyone else's who got in the way of making his next hit.

Meanwhile, dessek was in his office talking on the phone to Ket, the Guild Manager of [GL]. He had a guildmate who needed to use a jump gate for his hit. After some discussion, it was agreed Yoda would be allowed to use the gate. dessek said, "He will be welcome here. He can make himself at home while his fleet is en route."

Soon, the door buzzer rings. Dessek comes out of his office and sees Cherub and AlphaKnight talking in the opposite corner. Thinking nothing amiss, he checks the monitor and lets Yoda in.

Dessek sets Yoda up in the office next to the Communication Center. "Lunch will be in a few minutes, I'll come back to get you." "Okay," says Yoda, "Force strong." Dessek did not grasp the gravity of that statement.

Dessek then went to Central Command, and finds AlphaKnight totally uncontrollable. Grey Ghost had him in a headlock. Cherub handcuffed him and they sat him in the restraint chair. "What's going on here?" inquired dessek. "We can't handle him anymore," says Cherub.

Dessek then immediately called in the Pussy Patrol. His own, personal body guards. From the planet, Litter Box, this is a feline race of violent cats. Their favorite weapon is the Laser Rifle. They can out shoot anyone else in the Guild.

Here, at Central Command, dessek feels safe. Outside though, is a totally different story. It seems every time he goes anywhere, there is an assassination attempt. Dessek figures it is because he took on the Imperial Warlord and won. He can't prove that, though.

The rest of the day was somewhat uneventful. Yoda paid a visit to Central Command, and said hello to everyone there. "Don't feed Alpha," cautioned dessek. "Blood Fever." "Ahhh," says Yoda. "This is source of tremor in force."

He looks long into AlphaKnight's eyes and turns to dessek. "Force strong this one. Be careful, no dark side of force." This faith was always a mystery to dessek, but he agrees. Yoda bids farewell and disappears into the night.

Then it happens. AlphaKnight gets so agitated he broke his bonds. Now he is up and clobbers Crow, and pushes Cheub into the scanners, breaking the console. "I'm gonna derb your fleet!" The Pussy Patrol immediately springs into action.

Having been ordered by dessek to use the stun setting, the Pussy Patrol opens fire. Somehow, AlphaKnight avoids the laser fire and clobbers the Master Cat. He then escapes into the turbo lift before anyone can respond.

The Pussy Patrol begins to search the facility. Dessek swore to himself that Galaxy A79 would be clean today. No more excuses. No more breakdowns. It better be done today or heads will roll.

Every couple of hours, AlphaKnight comes into Central Command yelling, "War, War, War, Please!!!" He runs off into a new direction and hot on his heels comes the Pussy Patrol. They catch sight of him and open fire. They hit Cherub and Tidus, but AlphaKnight escapes unscathed.

There is a commotion heard in the turbo lift. The sounds of fighting and laser fire fills Central Command. The turbo lift doors open and the Master Cat comes to dessek and says, "Meow, meow got meow."

"Great!" exclaims dessek. "Did you take him to the infirmary?" "Meow did. Meow shields." Dessek responds, "Nice touch. Keep double guard on him." Master Cat nods and leaves.

For a long time, there was silence in Central Command. Dessek began to wonder if they accidentally killed AlphaKnight. He turns to Cherub and asks, "Do you think had to kill him, or just stunned him real bad?" Cherub responds, "both would be preferable. At least it's quiet now."

Then came the sounds from the infirmary, "War, War, War, Please, PLEASE!!!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Short Story -- The Blood Fever   Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:21 am



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Short Story -- The Blood Fever
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