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 The Very Basics For Very New Members

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The Commonwealth
The Commonwealth

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PostSubject: The Very Basics For Very New Members   Tue May 26, 2009 12:23 pm

Viewing who is on-line

To see who is on-line in your guild you go to the guild tab, you then scroll down to everyone's names and on the right of their names is information (fleet, tech), the one on the very right is called inactivity, click on this columns yellow heading and the page will refresh, go down to the names again and the people who last refreshed a page or click on a new page will be at the top (these are who are on-line, next to their names will be 0 mins or 1-2-3 mins, if it says 3 hours then you know they haven't been on-line in 3 hours).

Protection rule

You cannot be hit by other players when below level 10, from 10 to 20 you can only be hit by players 5 levels above you, 20-30 you can only be hit by players 10 levels above you, over level 30 you can be hit by anyone. This rule does not cover you if your fleet is off your base, This rule only works for your bases and fleet on your bases, do not hit large players if they put a ship on your base.


In the beginning you will set up trades with your own bases or with people very close to you, as your economy gets near the 1000 mark you will want to change your trades for long distance ones (ones in a galaxy far away), these are expensive to set up in the early days but they give you possibly 3 times more money from the route, you also will need to stop self trading and only trade with another player once, this adds most to your economy if you only trade with some one else once, when you post trades you will do it in this format
A57:37:80:30 74 /74 1 / 2
long distance, unique, similar econ, you copy the bases location and you say what you want, (unique means that they only want to trade with another player once, if you have a route with them already don't take the route)


To get better ships or structures you need to research them, to find out what you have to research to get what look in TABLES at the top of every Astro Empires page (the very top)

Recall trap

Recall trap is when you send a fleet to a location and you recall it, once you recall it you cannot change that fleets path until it lands, recall trap is a tactic used in war time of making you recall fleet and having fleet waiting for you when you land (or if they are lucky chancing upon this happening)
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The Very Basics For Very New Members
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