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 shot gunning

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The Commonwealth
The Commonwealth

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PostSubject: shot gunning   Fri May 29, 2009 6:16 am


Shotgunning means you launch your main fleet at a destination and IMMEDIATELY after you launch, you fire off 1 ship (use tabs and set them up 1st) that is the same speed as your slowest ship from your first fleet, so that it arrives 1-3 seconds after your main fleet does. Do this several times. So that in the end, you will have your main fleet headed to a destination, followed every 2/3/4 seconds ships of an equal speed.

The game mechanics do not allow you to attack a fleet if the same player has another fleet landing at a destination within 5 seconds. So say you have your main fleet headed to a destination and you have 10 fleets following at intervals of 2-4 seconds afterwards for 20-40 seconds, you have that time to do what you like, you can attack, they can't.


1]Open same fleet move in two explorer tabs
2]add main fleet to be send in first tab (except few DE/HC for shotgun wave- c step 3)
3]add 1DE/1HC to match the time for same destination as first tab
4]Click move on first tab matching the timing to touch the base (normally ppl derbis steal and for XX:30 is tick time, so touch 2,3 sec b4 xx:30 in case of debris steal)
5]Quickly switch to second tab n click move
the shortcut keys for the browsers to change tabs quickly are
Firefox Tab right: CTRL+Tab
Firefox Tab left: CTRL+Shift+Tab
6] Keep pressing F5 in second tab every 3 sec (5 second is limit but dont take chances specially if u have crappy network).
7] Just b4 u touch get ready to move back n move as u pick up the debris
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shot gunning
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