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 5000 Econ Guide

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The crow
The crow

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PostSubject: 5000 Econ Guide   Fri May 29, 2009 3:06 am

got this from a friend...

Blueprint for a 5k account without occupations:

First an upgraded account is necessary.

16 bases. New bases are generally the most cost effective way of getting stronger, so if you can save up 2-3 days of credits to get another astro, do it. Otherwise wait to get rich from a war.

5 trade routes on all planets. All long distance, all unique. my trade income is at 2.7k and not completly done yet

Production structures: Metal Refineries/Robotics Factories/Nanite Factories/Androids Factories are key! Ratio I use is : 25/20/15/10 (For metal 3) also aim for atleast 5 orbitals shipyards and 24 shipyards if u want. They dramatically increase your fleet production ability as well as add plenty to your econ. High construction numbers drastically improve construction times so high level terraforming is possible. The cumulative effect of all the extra buildings on all astros will substantially improve your overall income.

Shipyards can be a cheap way to increase econ as well. I have 20 on all bases but 2. This way all planets produce fleet (up to dreads) and add 20 plus extra two from the orbital econ to each planet.

My results:
My production astro's have an average econ of 200. All are over 400 in production capacity (with cybernetics bonuses of course).

Even my research astros have an average econ of 400 prod capacity.

- there you go
*here's your upgrade...16 bases 5 k econ.. 6k production*

25 metal
20 robotics.
20 on all....*24 shipyards if prod base....*
20 spaceports everwhere... work for 25 afterwards
u should also try for 10 to 15 econ centers

P.S. i know this is actually more then 5k econ but its a generalization and i use the basic idea from someone else would put there name to give them credit but cant remember it.

Also this is for people who like production not the ones who shoot for very high econ, this is only for three metal bases, if u do roids i guess u can build some crystal mines on them i dont but each to their own i guess if u r already done with the 5 point scale and have the shipyards done and still have extra space go ahead and fill in the rest of the space with crystale mines but downgrade if u need another structure built


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5000 Econ Guide
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