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 Tehnology Guide

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PostSubject: Tehnology Guide   Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:40 pm

Tech Guide

Tech is important for two reasons. 1) Improving the efficiency of your infrastructure and 2) Improving the efficiency of your fleet. As such, technology is highly important as a critical component for success in AstroEmpires.

If you have horrible technology, you will be severely hampered when competing against good players. For example, you will...
- Get your fighters shield raped by Cruisers (too little laser)
- be unable to scratch Planetary Shields with Cruisers (too little plasma)
- be unable to profit due to the lack of debris (too little armor for both sides or you just suck at attacking)
- be Severely handicapped in production and / or research (too little AI/cybernetics/energy)
- be unable to build Titans and/or Leviathans (too little shielding/warp/disruptor/armor/photon or sy/os)
- get your cruiser shredded by 25 enemy fighters (too little shielding/armor)
- run out of campaign fleets / commander spots (too little computer)
- not have prings/pshields and get raped (too little photon/shielding/armor)
- be unable to access anything remotely deep in the tech tree (too little of alot of thigns)

If you don't want to see that happen, keep your tech up. If you do it well, you can be at the benefiting end of all the things I just listed.

Minimum Lab Requirements: 3 level 20+ (including 1 level 22+) research bases
Recommended Lab Requirements: 4-6 Level 22-26 research bases
Crazy Amount of Labs: 7-8 (and above) Level 24-26 research bases

Reading my Charts:
Effect: What it does. Basically copied or paraphrased from the help tables
Initial cost: Credits needed to start level 1 research of the tech
Prerequisites: What you need in terms of tech/labs to start this tech (if applicable)
How much to get: What it says really. The first number is the minimum (usually only what is nessasary for reqs), the second number is what I recommend, the third number is what I think would be the maximum. If there's only a single number that means I recommend you to get at least that amount and more at your first available oppertunity.
Comments: What I think about the tech

Infrastructure Techs

Effect: Each level increases all Bases Energy Output by 5%.
Initial Cost: 2 credits
How much to get: 24/28/32 (min/rec/max)
Comments: Highly recommended technology for space saving. It condenses the amount of energy structures you need to have by making all of your energy structures more powerful. Get atleast 24 to unlock the tech tree, but I recommend around level 28-30 or so by the 10mil tech mark. Shame there isn't such a tech for area.

Artificial Intelligence
Effect: Each level increases base research capacity by 5%
Initial Cost: 2048
Prerequisites: 18 labs, 20 computer
How much to get: 6/11/14
Comments: Need atleast 6 levels for cybernetics - the mother of all techs in my opinion. However, it is always good to have a few levels more than that to increase the speed at which you pump out other techs. I recommend about level 10-12 by the 10 mil mark.

Effect: Each level increases base construction/production by 5%
Initial Cost: 8196
Prerequisites: 22 labs, 6 AI
How much to get: As much as fucking possible! Always keep it researched
Comments: The mother of all techs. Never stop researching this. This is the most efficent production booster in the game! This will allow you to pump fleet alot faster and as a side effect the 4 week build time on prings will be reduced to 2-3 weeks just because of this tech. I can't stress enough how important this tech is. Even if your life depended on it, never stop pumping this.

Weapon / Armor Tech

Effect: Each level increases Units and Defenses Armor by 5%. Also generates debris from destroyed fleet at a rate of 2%*Armor level.
Initial Cost: 4 credits
Prerequisites: 2 labs
How much to get: As much as fucking possible! Always keep it researched.
Comments: Second best tech in the game and the mother of all techs related directly to fleet. This is what allows you to profit. Higher levels rebates you by leaving you with more debris and less fleet to lost. Also, this is the only techs that affect all ships/defenses, which raises its importance. Overall, only stop pumping this for hard sex with Tigerlily.

Effect: Each level increases the shields of shielded units by 5%
Initial Cost: 128 credits
Prerequisites: 10 labs, 10 energy
How much to get: 16/20+/22+
Comments: This is especially important for the cruiser fleets and top heavy fleets. So if you have one of these, put heavy emphasis on this tech (almost as much as armor). However, its usually not as useful for fighter fleets. This tech allows you more leeway with leviathans and to take less losses when using shielded units. Thus, shielding is moderately important and I would advise to level it to about 20-22 by the time you have 10mil tech.

Effect: Increases damage caused by laser weapons by 5%
Initial Cost: 4 credits
Prerequisites: 2 lab, 2 energy
How much to get: As much as possible! (Keep it at about 0-1 levels below your armor tech)
Comments: This is the tech for fighter fleets. It is still obscenely useful for all fleets though simply because of how versatile and useful fighters are. Also gives your corvettes a welcome muscle boost. This tech is third only to armor and cybernetics (and arguably tied with plasma for cruiser fleets). Get as much as possible, don't lag it behind armor for more than 1 level ever.

Effect: Increases damage caused by missile weapons by 5%
Initial Cost: 8 credits
Prereqs: 4 computer, 4 labs
How much to get: About 15/20/23
Comments: Its good to get this on a competent level (20) so you can use the gimmick units this tech helps (frigates/bombers) when the occasional need arises. Also slightly strengthens your carriers, although I doubt if it'll help much at all in that aspect. Pretty down on the pecking order along with ion, distruptor and photon.

Effect: Increases damage caused by plasma weapons by 5%
Initial Cost: 32 credits
Prerequisites: 6 lab, 4 laser, 6 energy
How much to get: About 5-7 levels lower than your armor tech (20+)
Comments: This is the tech for (heavy) cruiser fleets. It is still obscenely useful for all fleets though simply because of how versatile and useful cruisers and heavy cruisers are. Also gives your destroyers a welcome muslce boost. This is either tied for third with laser or a close fourth behind laser. Get as much as possible, don't lag it behind armor/laser by 7 levels or more ever.

Effect: Increases damage caused by ion weapons by 5%
Initial Cost: 256 credits
Prerequisites: 12 lab, 10 laser, 12 energy
How much to get: 10/12/16
Comments: This is only used for meeting tech reqs (battleships, pshields come to mind) and don't really have much of a use apart from beefing up your battleships. I would go with level 12 or so since level 11 and 12 are really cheap by 10 million tech and you could use another 17 attack on your battleships.

Effect: Increases damage caused by photon weapons by 5%
Initial Cost: 1024 credits
Pre-reqs: 16 lab, 16 energy, 8 plasma
How much to get: 10/12/16
Comments: This is used for getting prings (im sure everyone remembers the 4 weeks of hell they waited while those levels of photon were being researched). However, it is also used in a few gimmick fleets - namely Dreads and Leviathans. If you use dreads alot to hold occs or if you use levis alot than feel free to pump this tech beyond level 12 to about 14-16 depending on how top heavy you are. However, definitely hold off on anything above 12 if you only have a few levis/dreads.

Effect: Increases damage caused by disruptor weapons by 5%
Initial Cost: 4096 credits
Pre-reqs: 20 labs, 20 energy, 18 laser
How much to get: 1/6/10
comments: For disruptors the three numbers merely describe three pre-req's - disruptor turrets, titans, and death stars. As such, how far you want to take disruptor completely rides on whether you want to use the occasional titans or if you want to make the final step to the big bertha. In general disruptors are quite a gimmick tech and you won't find much of a use for it other than meeting reqs for the big ships and turrets that you'll want.

Other Tech

Effect: Campign fleets +1 per computer tech, commanders allowed +1 per computer tech
Initial Cost: 2 credits
How much to get: 20/24/25+
Comments: It is quite useless to get this beyond 24 unless you are active enough to effectively utilize the extra campign fleets. It is really only important for gaining access to bigger stuff like orbitals and artifical intelligence and as such it is rarely worth it to invest into computers for any purpose other than that.

Stellar Drive
Effect: Stellar units gain +5% base speed per level
Initial Cost: 16 credits, 5 labs, 6 energy
How much to get: 4/20/22
Comments: It is quick and cheap to research usually because most people like to keep stellar and warp at about the same level for some odd reason.Definitely get at least level 20 of this though so you get double speed small ships.

Warp Drive:
Effect: Warp units gain +5% base speed per level
Initial Cost: 64 credits, 8 labs, 8 energy, 4 stellar drive
How much to get: 18/20/22
Comments: Big brother of stellar drive. Deals with the big crew and makes big profits. Like stellar keep it at about level 20 so you get double speed by 10mil exp.

Tachyon Communications:
Effect: Allows one link between bases with 20 + labs to be created per level
Initial Cost: 32768 credits, 24 labs, 24 energy/computers
How much to get: As many as your research labs -1 (Generally 4/7/10, increasing depending on how much you battle)
Comments: New tech introduced in September 2008. Allows one link to be created between two bases with 20 research labs or more, therefore sending the research capacity from one base to another. With high levels of this tech, one can get 2000 or more research / hour on one astro, which is effective for two reasons.
1) Faster research of key techs such as armor / cybernetics, allowing for higher potential levels of such techs
2) By focusing on a few techs you can research a few more important techs at once. Before people with 6 labs run out of useful things to research, however with a high level of tachyon you could research only cybernetics if you felt like it.
There is still no guideline for how much tachyon you should get. In general tachyon enhances one's research capabilities and thus one should get more research labs and enough tachyon for it (7-10) once one gets tachyon. 13+ tachyon is probably excessive (1mil+ per level) and 6- is too little.

Required Techs:
EVERYONE should increase their cybernetics and armor as much as possible. Energy and AI are also good secondary choices for anyone to work on if cyber/armor is too expensive.
In addition to those four techs, depending on what fleet your account specializes in, the following techs are also required:
FT: Laser
FT/HB: Laser, Plasma
FT/CR: Laser, Plasma, Shielding
FT/HC: Laser, Plasma
FT/BS: Laser, Ion
FT/FR: Laser, Missile
Capitals: Photon, Disruptor, Shielding
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Tehnology Guide
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