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 You Get Occupied

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PostSubject: You Get Occupied   Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:34 pm

At some point a higher level player or a player who has a stronger fleet will attack you and your base, and if it is not well defended it will be occupied.

Breaking an occupation will not be easy... the player occupying your base might not allow you to gain your base back which may mean that as a last resort you might have to disband your base. When any player occupies a base it is called farming as they are gaining credits from you at 30% of your base economy/hr + pillage. You will find many players being occupied and farmed just as they reach level 30 without the proper protections at their base. ( i.e Planetary Rings, Planetary Shields, Disruptor or Ion turrets) Once you reach level 30 any player above level 30 can or will attack you... just remember you are a source of income for them to build bigger and better fleet... so it is better to be prepared beforehand by building your defenses before breaking level 30.
Suggestions on how to break an occupation

If you don't have the capacity to build fleet that can break the hold on your base then you have to be inventive. Building fighters and bombers can whittle away at occupying fleet unless the player has a capital ship that will take no damage from these units. If the enemy has recyclers in his fleet, it's best to just build tons of corvettes to kill them as soon as possible, to make occupying you unprofitable. It's best to also either build Shipyards, to build ships faster, or Command Centers to make your fleets stronger in battle. Command centers will make every fighter and unit you build take out more fleet.
So what do you do?

One suggestion is quite simple and is really, really, annoying. Start killing off any scouts from the player Occupying you or from his guild mates.You are already occupied so fear of reprisal is pretty much Nil and gone. Scouts are the weakest and fastest unit in the game,but they are the eyes and ears ship and any player/guild member that suddenly has all their scouts destroyed usually gets annoyed pretty quick. If you are in a galaxy with a high number of certain guild that attacked you, you will find a good number of scouts to kill off. If you pay attention to scouting the region you will see that most players park their scouts and never move them,scouting takes time and most players devote their time to other things. So when you are looking to kill off scouts take a higher number of scouts with you or scout with a corvette and kill off any scout you find from the person or Guild occupying your base. This does have extra benefits,scouting lets you find other weak inactive players to conquer,pillage and occupy on your own. This is where you gain some combat experience and knowledge of how weak your defenses are. The combat experience you can use to train commanders.....and having a Defense commander can help you break an Occupation by increasing your base defense a percentage per level of his training......or a Construction commander to build defenses cheaper or a Production commander to build fleet faster. This scenario works well if you are attacking every guild members scouts especially above lvl 30,reason being it means you are willing to go above and beyond the "base protection rules" to make yourself annoying and typically other guild members are going to ask the occupier to release you.

If the player is many levels above you and is farming you for fun then there is another way to make back some of those credits he is taking from you and his pillage of you won't be included in gaining those credits. Become a debris thief.....take this players debris from him or his guild to help recoup credits lost to his occupation of your base. Use those credits to build fleet,build defenses,train commanders or research higher technology that will unlock ships that can be used to fight the occupation. Time your attacks on debris fields to be precisely at half past the hour and move those recyclers out of harms way. You will find that most players do not watch their debris field or their scanners so until they catch on that you are the one responsible you can literally steal thousands of credits depending on how many recyclers you have. Suggestions on how to do this safely is to park your recyclers within striking distance and time each attack on the players debris field within 1 minute or less of half past the hour and to reach the debris field just as the credits can be collected......have your bookmarks set for fleet movement away from the player you are stealing debris from after a successful haul. Once again you are occupied so what can this player or guild do to you except kill your fleet??? This scenario only works if and when there are large piles of debris lying around in front of the Occupier's bases or left on occupied United colony bases.

You can also spawn a fighter or a bomber every 5 mins and attack and attack and attack.....it probably won't do much damage,but it will spam someones combat message box.....it all depends on what kind of fleet is occupying you.....and how annoyed a person can be from it. Look at all your bases first,if someone leaves 10 fighters then kill off the 10 fighters and free your base. Don't build this massive fleet while you are still occupied.....free your base first,re-build your defenses,then rebuild your fleet. If you overkill on fleet you may have stopped the daily pillage but you are still losing hourly income to the player occupying you,so break the occupation as soon as you can. And don't mass all your fleet in one place,that's only asking for trouble. At all costs fight to break the ccupation sensibly and at the greatest possible ratio to make it unprofitable to be occupied.

You can also join a guild within your Galaxy and ask for help breaking the occupation.....beware though....if you did something stupid to begin with for the player to farm you ( i.e. debris thief or attacking his fleet or piracy of his trade routes ) then you are pretty much on your own. Alternate suggestion is to join the attackers guild if possible....if they will allow it, and ask for advice on defenses.

One last suggestion is to ask nicely....most players do have a sense of honor and are playing the bully act on you as it was done to them. So stroke their ego a little and ask for the occupation to be removed,sometimes you will be surprised that they will do so with certain restrictions from you.One is quite simply to defend yourself and stay active. A player who leaves a base that can be scout tapped or corvette tapped is just asking to be occupied,because the Occupier makes a decent pillage. It won't matter if you are attacked and you are lower or higher in levels and have all kind of fleet to break an occupation.....it's too much fun to knock over a base when you obviously should have been defending it with some kind of turret or fighters. I would hope by the time anybody reaches level 20 that they have some kind of defenses up on their bases and I would also resort to diplomacy first before considering rash actions. In this game, at any level, Free accounts are usually the people who get picked on the most,upgrading even for 1 month can help you grow past the limitations to where you have a decent economy and the space to build better defenses.

Most of the suggestions above are for new players below level 20 who are being attacked by a player who is on their same level.......once you reach level 20-30 you need to resort to the actions listed below to help break an occupation.If you aren't in a guild by the time you reach level 20 then you aren't trying hard enough because most guilds will accept any active members who plays the game. All you have to do is request to join.

Hope this helps......

Magister Sicarius Beta Server

So you are occupied. The game mechanics actually favor the occupied when it comes to fighting. The larger the occupation fleet the bigger the debris pile it makes when you kill it. If the occupier parks a capital all by itself, then you produce the ships needed to kill that capital ship, especially with the command centers you would be building.

Generally a dreadnought is killed by 100 Cruisers. A Titan by 150 HC. A leviathan by 100 Battleships.

Leviathans provide zero protection for recyclers, so if you are occed by a levi, and there is a large derb pile, ignore the levi in your immediate plans, and time your suicide corvettes to slam his RC. A fighter drop could also devastate RC's escorting a Levi.

Generally an occupier gets really upset when his 10 million credit fleet gets turned into a 9 million credit fleet, but unless their testosterone overwhelms their ability to think it through, they usually will withdraw, because there are easier targets to farm.

Advantages in fighting from the occupation :

1) you know the tech levels of your opponent's fleet 2) you know exactly where the enemy fleet is 3) you can time the creation of the liberator fleet for when you can hit him 4) you can skew the battle field in your favor with tactical commanders and command centers 5) you can deny the debris by timing the spawning of fighters or HB right as the enemy RC would attempt to land.

Breaking an occupation is NOT hard. The better the player occupying you, the easier is gets. Why? Because good players are in in for the debris. If you can kill the occupation fleet (or parts of it) fast enough that he does not make a profit for occupying you (including debris, which he supposedly gets) he will leave. The text above outlines how to go about the actual killing.
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You Get Occupied
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