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 Part III: Fleet Building- Main Attack Fleet (Unconventional Fleets)

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The crow
The crow

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PostSubject: Part III: Fleet Building- Main Attack Fleet (Unconventional Fleets)   Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:21 am

Top-Heavy Fleet
(a Ft/De/Cv/Levi fleet)
By ST33L

Pro's: You can achieve awesome ratios against select fleets that ordinarily wouldn't be possible with only a small number of capitals in a more versatile fleet. You look godly on the ticker as a result and your e-peen grows. You also retain some of the versatility offered by a Cr/De/Cv/Ft fleet and more due to the addition of alot of leviathans.

Con's: You absolutely blow at base busting anything with more than 5/5 prings. You can't touch anything with more than about 2k HC (sometimes they can't touch you as well). You get blown up for the best ratio the world has ever seen if you go head to head with any big HC fleet.

Discussion: This fleet requires you to be actively simming more and more leviathans as well as for you to be active enough to keep the leviathans out of harm. You won't be able to do anything, but when you can, you look awesome using 50 leviathans to kill 20mil fleet. It is also more important (than other fleets) to keep a fleet advantage to the rest of your competitors as leviathans work better when you have more of them as it strengthens their defense significantly (it takes 300k in HC to one shot 1 levi so if you severely outnumber a HC fleet you can dismantle it with ease) .

Obviously, this fleet makeup is only accessible a while after one gets his levi tech and only to the bigger players.

This fleet is THE fleet for fleet hunters to find. It awards virtually instantly a 2:5 or better ratio no matter how many fighters you have. However, a large HC fleet is required to take it out and although you won't be able to touch fleets with a moderate amount of HCs they won't be able to touch you either.

As such, the usability of a top-heavy fleet heavily depends on your activity (more the better), patience finding targets, and the enemy your fighting's fleet makeups. The utility your corvettes, destroyers, and leviathans provide is unrivaled and the e-peen boost you give to your guildmates is a welcome addition at least. If you can overcome the defense frailities of this fleet and find the right targets you'll be quite dominant. Definitely not recommended though for anyone who skips an AE beat.

Attack: 5+/5 (vs. suitable fleet), 1/5 (all others, inc. bases)
Defense: 0/5 (vs. HC fleet), 3/5 (all others)
Utility: 5/5

Sample fleet: (about 18-20mil)
Fighters ~300,000
Corvettes 10,000
Destroyer 5,000
Titan 5 (cover for levis)
Leviathan 69


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Part III: Fleet Building- Main Attack Fleet (Unconventional Fleets)
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